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If you are reading this and are interested in selling Kombucha by Laurent or working with us, then you have come to the right place. The popularity and sales of Kombucha around the world are growing year on year, now also in Poland and Europe.

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“We offer you a partnership because we are convinced that your customers will like the fermented and uniquely flavoured Kombucha. After all, sharing good and, above all, healthy energy with people is a satisfaction for you as well as for us.” – Agata Chmielewska, Brand Creator

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by Laurent

by Laurent

The Platinum edition is a beautiful collection of Europe’s best wine regions. Today we want to share with you our greatest achievement, inspired by countries and outstanding artists and their works.

Thanks to Polish-French collaboration, a unique kombucha has come to life, taking us on a magical tasting journey to France, Italy and Spain.

Champagne kombucha, which is a combination of oak with fruit and flowers, is a truly sublime taste. This line is dedicated to those who love to celebrate life and a sensual, hedonistic and seductive taste.

Ahead of you are three brand new flavours that are inspired by the world of champagne: the dry White Grape, the refreshing Elderflower and the incredibly champagne-like Kombucha with a hint of Oak & Chocolate.

Sophisticated and aromatic, the Grapevine range goes well with meals and desserts. Spring-like and fresh, with fruity and floral notes and well-balanced acidity.

Most precious in our kombucha Blanc Floral, Grapevine and Elixir of Love is the yeast that is responsible for creating the characteristic fragrance bouquets.

The 100 percent herbal Herbsbucha line is subtle, fresh, refreshing and surprisingly different. It tempts with an unusual bouquet of herbs and flowers. It is a contrast to the classic kombucha known so far.

Inspired by the world of natural wines and based on a careful composition of herbs, it is a source of hitherto unknown taste experiences. Meet Simona, Lourie and Julia.

Baby kombucha

Open the bottle! Awaken the friendly bacteria and yeast. Your body and mind will feel the energy of real Kombucha, which has been stimulating the Japanese and all of Asia since ancient times. Probiotics, amino acids and antioxidants – there is a whole lot of health in this magical liquid.
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