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Why more and more often we want to replace alcohol with other drinks, which also offer the opportunity to toast at a party or during an intimate or romantic dinner? Some want to stay mobile, others look for healthier options, and others want to discover new flavors.

Whatever your reason is, try our exquisite sparkling Kombucha by Laurent, which is based on young fermentation on oak flakes. There are three completely new flavors of Kombucha in front of you that are inspired by the world of champagne: dry White Grapes, refreshing Elderflower and amazing champagne Kombucha with a hint of chocolate (Oak & Chocolate).

Your health!



Our most surprising and interesting combination. This is for the ones who love exploration, romanticism and adventure. Rich in flavours, thanks to the oak fermentation and kombucha you may find notes of caramel, vanilla, cloves and nutmeg. All elements which are aphrodisiacs, and therefore perfect for sharing with loved ones whilst enjoying a healing ancient drink. Fresh on the palate, lingering finish of vanilla. This kombucha will bring the best and most loving parts out of you!


Food Pairing
The light, tart, full of Oak & Chocolate Kombucha goes perfectly with fresh or baked vegetables, fish and even sauces based on cream and oil. If you are looking for an aperitif to a salad before dinner, look no further. It goes well with snacks, meat and cheese boards, bread, smoked goods and pasta with creamy sauces.



Our delicate Oak & Elderflower Kombucha is a truly royal flavor. And perfect for celebration for all ages. From young to old. The blossoms of elderflower (berry) have an incredibly savory aroma profile, resembling late spring mornings with a distinctive floral-fruity aroma like pineapple, cantaloupe, and refreshing undertones of herbal notes, and of course elderflower. They are always fresh and crisp. Kombucha by Laurent Oak & Elderflower isn’t only delicious, but also healthy. It is the source of bioflavonoids. They exhibit many beneficial properties: antioxidant, antibacterial, and anticancer. Elderflower also regulates blood glucose. Elderberries also have medicinal purposes.


Food Pairing
Oak & Elderflower is great with fish, spring vegetables (especially asparagus), Gruyère cheese, bilberries and lemon myrtle, resulting in delicious casseroles. Other pairing possibilities are Atlantic salmon, chard, cilantro, Buffalo Mozzarella, dry chocolate, desserts.



Our version of the sparkling Kombucha with the flavor of oak & white grapes is for those who love the unmistakable taste of ripe fruit along with floral notes. It is sensuous, hedonistic and seductive. Thanks to its fermentation in oak, it can have hints of vanilla, honeysuckle and fresh aromas of spring flowers. You have a Sparkling Kombucha which has a great balance between its delicate floral quality, rich texture and creaminess. It is stunning.


Food Pairing
Oak & White grapes is great with fresh summer salads, green vegetables, light cheeses, shellfish or fruit. It sits naturally alongside light, fresh Asian dishes. Serve ice-cold to allow the fresh aromas to circulate before the first taste.