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Open the bottle! Wake up friendly bacteria and yeasts. Your body and mind will feel the energy of the real Kombucha, which has always inspired the Japanese and the whole of Asia. Probiotics, amino acids, antioxidants – this magical fluid contains a lot of health.

It tastes best chilled. I brew it every day. With the best ingredients. For myself. For you.

Kombucha comes from eastern China and has been known for over 2,000 years. According to the legend, the name of the drink comes from the Korean medic Kombu, who healed the Emperor of Japan with fermented tea (Cha). Natural fermentation makes kombucha rich in vitamins and probiotics. It helps to improve digestion, increase immunity and regain a natural balance in the body. What is most important to us, is that we create kombucha based on only the best and natural ingredients from organic crops. You won't find any E or weird numbers here!

Kombucha is a tea based drink that is made through the fermentation process. Fermentation occurs when friendly bacteria, yeast and enzymes (or probiotics ) consume sugar contained in sweet tea. Each kombucha in the world is made on the basis of sugar, but we only use organic, raw sugar in the amount necessary for the process. We only use organic leaves. We carefully select fruit and spices to get a healthy and delicious taste. If th