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Open the bottle! and wake up the friendly bacteria and yeast. Your body and mind love the energy it gets from a real Kombucha. This ancient and mysterious drink that has been in the Japanese culture, and all of Asia since the earliest of times. Prebiotics, amino acids, antioxidants and live bacteria cultures – there is a whole lot of health and power in this magic fluid.

It tastes best when chilled. I brew it almost everyday. From the best organic ingredients.
For myself and For you.

Kombucha comes from eastern China and has been known for over 2,000 years. According to the legend, the name of the drink comes from the Korean medic Kombu, who healed the Emperor of Japan with fermented tea (Cha). Natural fermentation makes kombucha rich in vitamins and probiotics. It helps to improve digestion, increase immunity and regain a natural balance in the body. What is most important to us, is that we create kombucha based on only the best and natural ingredients from organic crops. You won't find any E or weird numbers here!

Kombucha is a tea based drink that is made through the fermentation process. Fermentation occurs when friendly bacteria, yeast and enzymes (or probiotics ) consume sugar contained in sweet tea. Each kombucha in the world is made on the basis of sugar, but we only use organic, raw sugar in the amount necessary for the process. We only use organic leaves. We carefully select fruit and spices to get a healthy and delicious taste. If the infusion is made naturally and properly, it may take up to several weeks to obtain one bottle . Kombucha helps to balance your body, and when your body is in balance, you naturally feel better!
Kombucha has a number of health benefits and this explains the growing popularity these last thousands of years.


  • is a rich source of probiotics
  • contains antioxidants
  • reduces the risk of heart disease
  • helps fight type 2 diabetes
  • protect and can prevent some cancer
  • has the same health benefits as green tea
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Share your love! An expression of this feeling is our drink with the addition of rosehips. Feel the power of vitamin C enchanted in them, which has a positive effect on well-being and immunity. How to support the body’s immunity? Vitamin C! Organic rosehips are a source of energy and vitamin C. Feel the vitality flowing from the natural vitamin bomb.

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Sencha leaves are dried immediately after picking – in this way they keep more of the medicinal properties.

Kombucha Healthy Sencha restores the body’s natural balance and helps to feel good. It has a classic friendly taste that suits any time of day.



Our Lemon Ginger Kombucha is a full power one.

This unusual root has many healing properties: it relieves the symptoms of fatigue, clears the airways, and can even relieve pain. I added a lot of fresh ginger to this kombucha – you will certainly feel the beneficial effects in your body.

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Looking for a beautiful figure? Acai berries are fruits created to keep you in shape. I choose organic farmed products for this version of delicious booch.

A terrain where the soil is rich in microelements and vitamins.

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Feel the healthiest version of yourself! Black lilac is the elixir of health and youth: it is a flower used extensively in treatments, cosmetics and in cleansing the body.

This deliciousness tastes insanely good. Like fresh bloom of spring gathered in one bottle.


Research and development cooperation in the field of improving the organoleptic and health-promoting properties of fermented tea infusion between Kombucha by Laurent and the Institute of Fermentation Technology and Microbiology of the Lodz University of Technology.

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