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Limited version of Kombucha inspired by the world of young wines!

Composed of autumn aromas and born of a passion for natural ferments, it brings classic Kombucha closer to the world of natural wines, creating a refined and complex taste experience (tannins, fruit, flowers and honey with chocolate).

In our limited versions Blanc Floral & Elixir of Love & Grapevine, the most valuable is yeast, which is responsible for the creation of characteristic aroma bouquets. That is why we are sure that our drink will be enjoyed by everyone, looking for a dry and unique taste sensation.

It is worth remembering that our Kombucha is also a great alternative to alcohol – the sparkling drink will turn your head upside down, but without the percentages!

For all owners of various types of gastronomic concepts, we have prepared an offer with Kombucha by Laurent products, which is tailored to the season and the client to whom it is worth offering a portion of health today.

For the production of our Kombucha, we used a special tea mushroom which, thanks to the higher yeast content, produces more vitamins and is a source of amino acids. In this unique drink we can find B vitamins such as B1, B2, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, as well as ergosterol, which is a precursor to vitamin D2.


  1. Choose a flavor for your guests: fruity, floral or dessert.
  2. Choose the Kombucha by Laurent version: in bottles or in KEGES (NEW!)
    Choosing kegs is not only more economical, flexible and modern, but also with care for the environment.
  3. You serve our kombucha in restaurants, cocktail bars, hotels, at events and special events, during family gatherings and holidays.

You want to share our limited Kombucha with family, friends and guests.

Try it and see for yourself!



    Kombucha w kegach - Kombucha by Laurent