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Laurent de Bremaeker

Without Laurent, there wouldn’t be Kombucha. Laurent de Bremaeker is fascinated by healthy nutrition, founder of Żywa Kuchnia, trained in the best culinary institutes. Revolutionizes Polish food, drink and lifestyle. A chef, author of a book on healthy eating, a passionate lover of taste and energy, who rejected pans in favor of a steam oven.

Kombucha by Laurent is its own recipe, carefully selected flavors and a precise brewing process. As head chef, Laurent de Bremaeker was looking for a drink that would keep the body in balance, quench thirst and maintain concentration. He and his regular Jack searched for the best taste and started drinking a homemade drink. Kombucha was perfect. So began a new adventure and Kombucha by Laurent was born. We weigh kombuche because it’s a delicious drink that’s good for everyone. Kombucha is considered a health elixir – a tea of longevity or just a delicious and healthy drink. People all over the world have been drinking Kombucha and enjoying the benefits for thousands of years.

Food, nutrition, health and well-being are a passion, and also one of the reasons why this Kombucha came to life. It’s been a dream for several years! Laurent’s mission is to help people discover the splendor and beauty of themselves. Also, to make the tastiest Kombucha. We are all unique and powerful. There are several tools that we can use so that we can fully use our potential. This is what he communicates through lectures, books, food and his way of life. Laurent has extensive professional and personal experience, working with chefs such as Matthew Kenney at Santa Monica, graduating from the Integrative Nutrition School of Health in New York, complete the health educator program at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida and spending time with enlightened spiritual teachers helped him increase his knowledge of the human system, the importance of energy in food, plant diets, and what to prioritize in life to be happy and well balanced. This led him to organize many very successful health and detoxification retreats for clients around the world, lecturing on how to best to eat in the 21st century. He is also a consultant for training programs for renowned restaurants throughout Europe.

Life, like food, consists in combining the right ingredients and preparing them in the most beneficial way. Some methods retain the highest nutrients and gain maximum health benefits. Just like some actions and decisions shape your life in a certain way for the better or the worst. This simple metaphor, if understood, can have a great impact and healing powers in your life. And wouldn’t it be nice to have a long and healthy life.

Let’s stop talking and have a fresh and tasty glass of Kombucha. CHEERS!