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Laurent de Bremaeker

Let us start by saying that, without Laurent there would be no Kombucha . Laurent de B remaeker, founder of Living Kitchen, fascinated by healthy eating, trained at the best culinary institutes is revolutionizing the Polish food, drink and lifestyle scene.
He is a chef, author of the book on healthy eating, and passionate about the taste and energy of food. He cooks without using high temperatures, rejects pans and favors steaming.

Kombucha by Laurent is an original recipe, with carefully selected flavors and a precise brewing process. Laurent de Bremaeker as a chef was looking for a drink that will keep the body in balance, quench his thirst and something that would keep him concentrated during the shift. Together with a regular client Jacek they were looking for the best tasting booch, and began to drink a homemade version made in back fridges of Zywa Kuchnia. Kombucha was just perfect. This is how the new adventure began, spontaneously, and Kombucha by Laurent was created. We have chosen to share Kombucha because it is a delicious drink that affects everyone in usually a positive way. Kombucha is considered a health potion - longevity tea or simply a tasty and healthy drink. People all over the world drink Kombucha, and have been enjoying the benefits of it, over thousands of years.

Food, nutrition, health and well-being are a passion, and also one of the reasons why this Kombucha came to life. It’s been a dream for several years! Laurent’s mission is to help people discover the splendor and beauty of themselves. Also, to make the tastiest Kombucha in Poland. We are all unique and powerful. There are several tools that we can use so that we can fully use our potential. This is what he communicates through lectures, books, food and his way of life. Laurent has extensive professional and personal experience, working with chefs such as Matthew Kenney at Santa Monica, graduating from the Integrative Nutrition School of Health in New York, complete the health educator program at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida and spending time with enlightened spiritual teachers helped him increase his knowledge of the human system, the importance of energy in food, plant diets, and what to prioritize in life to be happy and well balanced. This led him to organize many very successful health and detoxification retreats for clients around the world, lecturing on how to best to eat in the 21st century. He is also a consultant for training programs for renowned restaurants throughout Europe.

Life, like food, consists in combining the right ingredients and preparing them in the most beneficial way. Some methods retain the highest nutrients and gain maximum health benefits. Just like some actions and decisions shape your life in a certain way for the better or the worst. This simple metaphor, if understood, can have a great impact and healing powers in your life. And wouldn’t it be nice to have a long and healthy life.

Let’s stop talking and have a fresh and tasty glass of Kombucha. CHEERS!


    Share your love! An expression of this feeling is our drink with the addition of rosehips. Feel the power of vitamin C enchanted in them, which has a positive effect on well-being and immunity.


    The juicy taste of rhubarb is intertwined with a slightly sweet and earthy note of sencha and oolong, which it provides from organic farming. Both tree and green tea are barium, antioxidant minerals and vitamins. They delay the aging process, improve the mood. A real vitamin bomb and a good quality elixir in one!


    Sencha leaves are dried immediately after picking - in this way they keep more of the medicinal properties. Kombucha Healthy Sencha restores the body's natural balance and helps to feel good. It has a classic friendly taste that suits any time of day.


    Our Lemon Ginger Kombucha is a full power one. This unusual root has many healing properties: it relieves the symptoms of fatigue, clears the airways, and can even relieve pain. I added a lot of fresh ginger to this kombucha - you will certainly feel the beneficial effects in your body.


    Looking for a beautiful figure? Acai berries are fruits created to keep you in shape. I choose organic farmed products for this version of delicious booch. A terrain where the soil is rich in microelements and vitamins.


    Feel the healthiest version of yourself! Black lilac is the elixir of health and youth: it is a flower used extensively in treatments, cosmetics and in cleansing the body. This deliciousness tastes insanely good. Like fresh bloom of spring gathered in one bottle.


    Our most surprising and interesting action. Specially made for those who love discovery, romance and adventure. Rich in flavors, thanks to oak fermentation and kombucha. Photo notes of caramel, vanilla, cloves and nutmeg. All items that are aphrodisiacs.


    Our delicate Kombucha with Oak & Elderberry Flowers is a truly royal flavor. Elderberry flowers have an incredibly spicy aromatic profile with distinctive floral-fruity aromas such as pineapple, cantaloupe melon and a refreshing herbal note and of course elderberry.


    Our version of the Oak & White Grape sparkling Kombucha is for those who love the distinctive flavor of ripe fruit with floral notes. It is sensual, hedonistic and seductive. Thanks to the fermentation in oak, you can feel the notes of vanilla, honeysuckle and fresh aromas of spring flowers.

Laurent - Kombucha by Laurent