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Our limited edition is a composition of passion for natural ferments, autumn flavors, spring aromas and the world of natural wines.

We have created a kombuche that provides sophisticated and complex taste sensations (perceptible tannins, fruit, flowers and honey with chocolate).

In our limited edition of Blanc Floral & Grapevine & Elixir of Love, the most valuable is yeast, which is responsible for the creation of characteristic aroma bouquets. That is why we are sure that our drink will go to everyone looking for a dry and unique taste sensations.

For the production of our Kombucha, we used a special tea mushroom which, thanks to the higher yeast content, produces more vitamins and is a source of amino acids. In this unique drink we find B vitamins such as B1, B2, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, as well as ergosterol, which is a precursor of vitamin D2.



Crisp, bold, and refreshing, The Grape Vine, Limited Edition is one of our most versatile sparkling kombuchas available. But one of the very things that makes it a delight to sip – is that it has a vast range of flavor profiles – which means its can be combined with many different food possibilities.

The Grape Vine being the element that gives birth to those lovely grapes from which we make wines for centuries, has its own magic and mystical, healing properties. In combination with our ethical the recipe it’s worthy of being amongst the limited edition. In this limited edition we put a lot of focus on the yeast which is present in the mushroom. We made for you a real health potion, in its most tasty way. This kombucha contains amino acids, and high level of vitamins.

It is in perfect pair with a number of dishes, from salads to seafood, french or polish gastronomy, you’re in the right place when looking a most refreshing, complex and sophisticated sparkling wine.



Love, the foundation of life, and the only thing that keeps us going.
It contains intimacy, passion, commitment. And it also involves care, closeness, trust and attraction.

Love just like this Limited Edition of this new Kombucha by Laurent, can vary in intensity. But it will always bring you a great feeling.
Especially if you share this with your loved one.

The predominant flavors of the Elixir of Love lies in the fruitiness, sweetness, vibrancy and aliveness. As a gift from summer and the mystical empowering cacao plant, and even more by the ethically sourced tea and the special created Scoby which is much higher in bacteria and therefore is much higher in all the health benefits kombucha can give you. White grapes and chocolate pervades the palate, and even herbs can be tasted. And of course, The Elixir of love is best served chilled, making them ideal for dishes with fish, mexican greek food, and lets not forget dessert or aperitif.



When one thinks of spring, many positive things come to mind: the greening of the landscapes, brighter days, and the sunrays giving us this warm comfortable feeling…
But for us at Kombucha by Laurent, it means flowers. Colours, scents, vivacity… a natural perfume in life.

And this is exactly what we created for you, but in the kombucha way.
This limited edition is absolutely perfect and a must have for home, celebration or any occasion that needs a delicate sparkle.

A crisper kombucha, because its made out of natural fermentation.  This limited edition is soft and has beautiful floral notes. Notes of honey as a memory for the bees that keep our gardens going. The floral notes are very present, with a hint of well balanced acidity, freshness, not green but bright in the mouth.

This limited edition has a much higher vitamins content and living bacteria because we created a special Scoby which is much more concentrated and filled with lifeforce.

It is an ideal white wine for those drinkers who enjoy a fruity, floral aroma reminiscent of spring and peaches. They are a perfect match with light Asian dishes, or any vegetables preparations.

Made with only the finest ethically-sourced teas, everything is fairtrade. Serve chilled as a drink on its own or with lunch. The Blanc Floral, Limited Edition is particularly good as a white wine alternative/aperitif.


Research and development cooperation in the field of improving the organoleptic and health-promoting properties of fermented tea infusion between Kombucha by Laurent and the Institute of Fermentation Technology and Microbiology of the Lodz University of Technology.

Kombucza szampańska - Kombucha by Laurent