We believe that kombucha is more than just a healthy drink; it is a social movement. By choosing   kombucha over traditional alcoholic beverages, we are promoting a healthier lifestyle. We know that it is a great addition to any celebration, party or social gathering.


Laurent de Bremaeker

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Master chef and health educator

Laurent’s mission is to help people regain their energy and enjoy great shape. There are several tools that we can use so that we can unlock our full potential. This is what Laurent conveys through his lectures, books, food and way of life. He has gained a wealth of professional and personal experience working with master chefs such as Matthew Kenney in Santa Monica. He completed programmes at the Integrative Nutrition School of Health in New York City and earned a health educator degree from the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. The time he has also spent with sine enlightened spiritual teachers has helped him increase his knowledge of the human system, the importance of energy in food, a plant-based diet and what to prioritise in life to be happy and well-balanced.

He organises health and detoxification workshops for clients around the world where he shares his knowledge on how to eat best in the 21st century. She is also a consultant for training programmes for renowned restaurants throughout Europe.


Life, like food, is about combining the right ingredients and preparing them in the most beneficial way. Some methods preserve the highest nutrients and gain maximum health benefits. Just as certain actions and decisions shape your life in certain ways for better or worse. If understood, this simple metaphor can have great impact and healing powers in your life. And would it not be better to have a long and healthy life?

Let us stop talking and have a glass of Kombucha. Here is to your health!

Jak wywieramy ekologiczny wpływ na świat?

„Our Kombucha is an expression of the essence of celebrating life and respecting the environment. Our aim is to encapsulate the best local raw materials, colour, balance of aroma and notes of wine in every sip. We create one-of-a-kind kombucha.” – Agata Chmielewska, Brand Creator

The power of kombucha

Everyone knows that Kombucha is called the elixir of health and also the drink of longevity. It has a long list of health benefits. It is rich in probiotics and antioxidants; improves digestion, mood and supports the immune system. The drink is obtained from sweetened tea fermented by the so-called tea fungus, otherwise known as the Japanese mushroom or SCOBY (i.e. symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). The product should have no added apple cider vinegar, colourings or other artificial vitamins and additives or preservatives.
When creating Kombucha by Laurent, we pay special attention to organic herbs, flowers, organic tea leaves, as well as spices, roots and ripe fruits, which we select with regard to their functionality and characteristics. We have special selections of SCOBY microorganisms and we only use organic sugar in the amount necessary for the process. Our work is characterised by a deep respect for the local gifts of nature in order to obtain kombucha from them as a result of a careful process. Our Kombucha has gained recognition for its unique, diverse and evolving flavours and aromas. Simply put, Kombucha by Laurent is refined and unique. We create the perfect balance between time and taste, that is, we offer you a journey along the trail of health and the senses.

Secrets of production

The art of our work lies in combining noble raw materials to ultimately obtain a unique taste. It is also the process of secondary fermentation in the bottle that aims to produce natural bubbles and builds the balance of our kombucha. Time is the most important raw material for us. Time as a rhythm of nature that must be respected and understood in order to achieve the highest possible quality; the time of growth of herbs, flowers and full ripening of fruit; the time of slow and deliberate waiting for true and noble kombucha. But it is also the time of the ‘right moment’. The moment when you can finish the first fermentation and start the secondary fermentation in the bottle.

We give you a guarantee of quality that is an irrefutable proof of our knowledge, commitment and responsibility. A guarantee that includes the style of our kombucha, from the selection of raw materials to the final result of our efforts encapsulated in each of our bottles.

We blend kombucha

and sustainability

„We are all guilty and we all have to be part of the solution.” – Laurie David

Concern for health and respect for the environment are fundamental values to the philosophy of Kombucha by Laurent. We feel responsible for nature which provides us with valuable resources. Only attention to detail at every stage of production, from local ingredients to the closed-loop production process, yields a quality product while respecting the environment.

In this way, kombucha by Laurent has initiated a process of selecting both the SCOBY and the use of herbs to replace the main ingredient, i.e. tea while making the decision to ultimately use only indigenous and European raw materials.



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 „Without Laurent, there would be no Kombucha of ours. As a chef, he was looking for a drink that would keep the body in balance, quench thirst and help maintain concentration. Kombucha proved to be ideal. And thus began our new adventure and Kombucha by Laurent was born. Kombucha is considered the elixir of health, the drink of longevity. People all over the world have been drinking Kombucha and enjoying the benefits for thousands of years.” – Agata Chmielewska

Kombucha by Laurent was created in 2019. Since then, our company has been slowly and consistently growing – with patience and passion, which are essential in this case. In the beginning, we started fermenting and producing popular kombucha flavours. Today, we create sophisticated and unparalleled series which are distinguished by both their unique design and flavour composition. They are created using a conventional method with respect for the environment and with a reduced carbon footprint.

Today, we add knowledge, research and valuable consultations with universities and biotechnologists to our experience. We also draw on the experience of a Belgian lover of energy nutrition and a French admirer of refined flavours and aromas. This is because they all follow our passion for quality and the fundamental philosophy of our company.

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