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Platinium edition – a beautiful collection of the best wine regions in Europe, the most famous writers and the finest herbs and flowers. Today we want to share with you our greatest work, inspired by countries and major artists and their works. Thanks to the Polish-French collaboration, a unique Kombucha has been brought to life, which takes us on a magical tasting journey. Special thanks go to our friend Ben Younès, who developed the concept and the flavors.



Kombucha La Divina Commedia, takes us to the heart of Italy. The scent of Sicilian lemon and mandarin makes you feel sensual and wonderful. Fruity notes on the palate create smooth, fresh and creamy aromas with subtle acidity. The aromas, aromas and sensations of this sparkling delicacy will soothe your palate and soul. Enriched with a hint of high-quality honey, it gives a divine soothing effect.

Inspired by one of the world’s most famous poets Dante Alighieri and the best wine regions in Europe. This is a very special Kombucha. Dante would say, “Beauty awakens the soul to action. ” This Italian edition is unique, perfected and crafted with great attention to detail. It’s a pleasure, just like reading the most romantic poem.



Long live France! There’s nothing more soothing than lavender. In this Kombucha we have achieved the greatness. A beautiful collection of the best wine regions in the world, the most famous writers and the finest herbs and flowers. We are located in the south of France, where extensive lavender and flower fields meet. Flower herb intensity is like a poem about love, the crystalline sparks let your sensations dance in the most refined way. This drink is full of passion and eroticism. A true mastery of rhythm, like the infinite writings of Charles Baudelaire. The sweetness that natural honey gives is a real achievement. Charles Baudelaire would say, “Beauty is always bizarre. ”



The origin of our Spain inspired edition is a true masterpiece. Thanks to the Polish and Spanish cooperation an outstanding kombucha has come to life, and brings us to a magical tasting journey deep into the Iberian Peninsula. A gold-coloured translucent sparkling liquid harvested in the expansive orange blossom orchards under it’s sunny sky. So delicate and pure it looks like the honey has turned into very fine crystals. Our Spanish kombucha delights with its dry, light tannins and the sweetness given by the highest quality organic honey. A real masterpiece, noble and carefully selected. Inspired by Europe’s most iconic wine regions and historical writers. “In order to attain the impossible, one must attain the absurd” Miguel de Cervantes