Kombucha by Laurent is a proprietary recipe, carefully selected flavours and a precise brewing process. With culinary mastery, we have created a drink that keeps the body in balance, satisfies thirst and helps maintain concentration.

Champagne Kombucha

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Why do we increasingly want to replace alcohol with other drinks that are just as good to raise a toast with at a party or at a family or romantic dinner? Some want to stay mobile, others are looking for healthier options and the rest want to discover new flavours.

Whatever your reason, try our exquisite champagne Kombucha which is based on fermentation with oak flakes.

Ahead of you are three all-new Kombucha flavours inspired by the world of champagne, the dry White Grapes, the refreshing Elderflower and the amazing Champagne Kombucha with a hint of chocolate (Oak & Chocolate).

Cheers, to your health!

Kombucha Oak & Chocolate

Kombucha Oak & Chocolate

Our most surprising and unusual combination. Created for those who love to explore new things and treat the culinary world as an exciting adventure. Rich in flavours thanks to oak fermentation, it allows you to find notes of caramel, vanilla, cloves and nutmeg – agents considered to be natural aphrodisiacs. Thanks to them, this ancient drink is ideal to share with loved ones while savouring its unique taste together. On the palate, a lingering fresh vanilla finish marks its presence. This kombucha will seduce your senses.

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Kombucha Oak & Elderflower

Kombucha Oak & Elderflower

Our delicate kombucha, being a combination of oak and elderflowers, is a truly sublime taste. Perfect for celebrating together, both for the youngest and the oldest generations. Elderflowers, combined with the pungent profile of kombucha, convey a tangy aromatic profile reminiscent of late spring mornings, with distinctive floral and fruity aromas such as pineapple, cantaloupe melon and a refreshing herbal note. Kombucha by Laurent Oak & Elderflower is not only delicious, but also healthy. This is because it is a source of bioflavonoids, which show many beneficial properties: antioxidant, antimicrobial and anticancer. Elderflower also regulates blood glucose levels and has medicinal uses.

It is a flavour that forms an ideal composition with fish and spring vegetables, especially asparagus.

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Kombucha Oak & White Grapes

Kombucha Oak & White grapes

A combination dedicated to those who love the distinctive taste of ripe fruit and fresh floral notes. A sensual, hedonistic and seductive taste. Fermentation in oak brings out notes of vanilla, honeysuckle and fresh aromas of spring flowers. So we hand you an effervescent Kombucha that strikes the perfect balance between a delicate floral quality and a rich texture and creaminess.

Pour some chilled champagne kombucha into an elegant glass to create a unique atmosphere and to release the fresh aroma.

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The most important direction of our development is to produce from local and European herbs and combine them with flowers, roots and spices to achieve the right level of sweetness and acidity as well as aroma and flavour.


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Kombucha originated in eastern China and has been known for more than 2,000 years. According to legend, the drink is named after the Korean medicine man Kombu, who healed the Emperor of Japan using fermented tea (Cha). Thanks to natural fermentation, kombucha is rich in vitamins and probiotics. It contributes to improving digestion, boosting immunity and restoring the body’s natural balance. What is most important to us is creating delicious kombucha using only the finest and natural ingredients from organic farming. You will not find any strange E-numbers here!

We strive to be the change we ourselves want to see.

So, at every stage we pursue a responsible policy not only towards the environment, but also towards you. And our packaging is the best proof of this. The number 2, on which the design of our packaging is based, stands for harmony and balance. Therefore, by ordering a minimum of two bottles, or multiples of this number, you help reduce the carbon footprint and incur lower costs each time kombucha is delivered to you.

The design of our packaging is also thought out in terms of protecting kombucha in transport. We ship kombucha in two packaging variants, i.e. for 2 or 6 large bottles and a small bottle in a carton box for 16 pieces.And all of this is to make our planet a better place and to give you as much satisfaction as possible when you place orders with us.
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