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Kombucha by Laurent BLANC FLORAL

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Born out of passion for natural ferments, it brings classic kombucha closer to the world of natural wines, creating a refined and complex taste experience.

Kraft crafting provides natural and constantly evolving flavor profiles. The sparkling drink will make your head spin, but no percentages!



Product Description

In our limited version, the most valuable is yeast, which is responsible for the creation of characteristic aroma bouquets. That is why we are sure that our drink will go to everyone looking for dry and unique flavors and aromas. For the production of our kombucha, we used a special tea mushroom which, thanks to the higher yeast content, produces more vitamins and is a source of amino acids.

Ingredients: fermented Kombucha on oak and beech petals (based on bio black and green tea and bio cane sugar), concentrated organic apple juice 20%, natural elderberry flower aroma, natural grape aroma, live bacteria cultures. Sparkling drink.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
number of bottles

2, 6

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Kombucha by Laurent BLANC FLORAL - Kombucha by Laurent