Kombucha Grapevine

Kombucha Grapevine

The perceptible taste of grapevine makes this kombucha a successful counterpart to white wine, but its flavour is particularly interesting owing to fermentation on a beech tree. The subtle yeasty note is the result of our different composition of SCOBY tea mushroom. With this, you get a true elixir. Let yourself be seduced by our innovative recipe and feel its extraordinary properties.


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Typical values per 100ml: Energy 54kJ/13 kcal; Fats <0.1g of which saturated fatty acids 0.1g; Carbohydrates 2.7g of which sugars 2.7g; Protein 0.1g; Salt <0.02g.


Water, organic black tea, organic green tea, organic cane sugar, live kombucha cultures, apple juice concentrate (20%), natural grape flavouring. Fermented with beech flakes.

It pairs perfectly with many dishes, from salads to seafood, French or Polish cuisine. You are in the right place if you are looking for the most refreshing, complex and refined taste.

Laurent De Bremaeker

Master Chef, nutrition educator

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Kombucha is classed as a healthy and non-alcoholic drink. Admittedly, there is a negligible amount of alcohol in it, but it is an inherent ingredient in the natural fermentation process and the amount depends on the production method and should not exceed 1.2% alcohol.
It is considered to be an elixir of health, a tea of longevity or simply a tasty and healthy drink. Kombucha supports your body and immune system, and when your body is in balance, you naturally feel better.
Every kombucha in the world is made with sugar, but we only use organic raw sugar in the amount necessary for the process.
We offer a new, but above all ethical and sustainable alternative to what can be found on the shop shelves. We provide a beverage that is produced without causing damage to the environment. Our main focus is on reducing the carbon footprint and on craft production. The reason is that we believe that this translates into both the health of our planet and the health of our consumers.