Cheers, to your health!

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The world is moving towards a more conscious lifestyle. More and more often we celebrate important moments without  alcohol  For too long we have relied on alcoholic beverages to celebrate special occasions and relieve stress.

We propose a change.

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by Laurent

Without Laurent, there would be no Kombucha of ours. Fascinated by healthy eating, Laurent de Bremaeker gained his experience at top culinary institutes. He is revolutionising European food, drink and lifestyle. A chef and an author of a book on healthy eating, passionate about the taste and energy of food.
Because healthy eating and well-being is his passion and one of the reasons why this Kombucha was born.

by Laurent

As good as wine

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We ferment our stuff on oak, beech and cherry tree to achieve the unique nature of our kombucha.

Producing naturally fermented kombucha is not a race against time. It is the art of reflecting what nature gives us. The best proofs of this are our kombucha lines, born out of a passion for health and a celebration of life.




Inspired by Pet- Nat 

fermentation on a cherry tree

Fresh and natural, made from local ingredients and with a joyful character.
These words describe not only our Kombucha, but also our Pet Nat (Pétillant Naturel) wines, i.e. sparkling liquors made using the conventional method, with a secondary fermentation in the bottle and paying special attention to the environment. We have created a whole new class of kombucha inspired by the world of natural wines and based on a careful composition of local herbs.
It seduces with its floral aroma, captivates with its unique herbal taste and is a source of previously unknown taste experiences.


,,Ordinary people can do extraordinary things” – Julia Butterfly Hill

Feel the energy of kombucha

„Open the bottle! Awaken the friendly bacteria and yeast. Your body and mind will feel the energy of real Kombucha, which has been stimulating the Japanese and all of Asia since ancient times. Probiotics, amino acids and antioxidants – there is a whole lot of health in this magical liquid. I want to tell you that our kombucha is low in sugar and calories, making it a great option for those who are concerned about their diet.” – Laurent De Bremaeker

We are a group of individuals who have decided to break free from the traditional norms of alcohol consumption at celebrations and in everyday life.

„We are offering you a partnership because we are convinced that your customers will enjoy the naturally fermented and uniquely-tasting Kombucha. After all, sharing good and, above all, healthy energy with people is rewarding for you as well as for us. We look forward to hearing from you.” – Agata Chmielewska, Brand Creator


Share your journey through the flavours and aromas of Kombucha by Laurent with us on Google Maps and our Instagram and Facebook channels. Tell us about your tasting experience. We are curious about your opinion and your story of why you drink kombucha.

by Laurent

tasting sets

The backstage of Kombucha

Kombucha originated in eastern China and has been known for more than 2,000 years. According to legend, the drink is named after the Korean medicine man Kombu who healed the Emperor of Japan using fermented tea (Cha).
It is considered to be an elixir of health, a tea of longevity or simply a tasty and healthy drink. Kombucha supports your body and immune system, and when your body is in balance, you naturally feel better.
Every kombucha in the world is made with sugar, but we only use organic raw sugar in the amount necessary for the process.
Our working environment is a complex ecosystem of SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) microorganisms, the action of which contributes to the balanced acidity and the levels of sweetness, flavour, aroma and clarity. Each group of these microorganisms has its own task to perform to provide us with a beverage full of beneficial ingredients.
We strive for 100% organic production, which we put at the heart of our attention. We constantly seek only local and European raw materials with health-promoting properties. We always bear in mind the environment and carbon footprint reduction. The most important direction of our development is the production from herbs, flowers, roots and spices. We do not add CO2 because we rely on natural bubbles to build the balance of our kombucha.


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